dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet

“Once you've started, you're halfway there.”

(Horace, Epistles, Book I, Ep. 2)

I could not start with a better quote than this. Since a long time I cherish the idea of starting a blog about Latin Quotes, but distracted by other occupations, the project was always delayed. Today I feel that, as Horace says, an important part of the work is done, perhaps the most difficult part ... beginning.

This quote encapsulates a deep understanding of human nature. Men always have projects and purposes, we are never short of desires and goals, but constantly defer completion for another moment. As if we had an infinite amount of time, we always wait for a better opportunity and we always think it is still too soon...

A Chinese proverb says: "the longest journey begins with the first step." That first step is undoubtedly the most difficult. But once given, the rest follows almost automatically. Once the trip is started, we are convinced of the need to move forward, not to distract, to reach, ultimately, our destiny. Every process has its inertia. Once in motion, less energy is needed to keep moving.

The beauty of this phrase rests not only in its wisdom, but also in the concise elegance of Latin. That is what gives it a special force. It is that ability to synthesize complex thoughts briefly what is unique about Latin quotes.

4 comentarios:

  1. Dario,

    I, like you, have always been attracted to the simplicity and truth of this saying.

    Unfortunately, as I have aged, I have become the great procratinator.

    Delaying a start on a particular project can be caused by lack of confidence and/or a lack of mental strength.

    I guess that it may also be occasioned by sheer laziness, also.

    Cheers Michael

  2. i always got one feelings that your posts are enriched with unique content.

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  3. I really enjoyed this quote and upon looking it up I saw your post as the first result.

    It reminds me of the old saying: talk is cheap. It is easy to talk about doing things, but taking the initiative to start is what sets those apart from the rest. Once you take the initiative, the rest will be put in place by the same discipline it took to start.

  4. This quote greatly reminds me. Thank to your post.I will always keep it in mind.